Friday, February 26, 2021


 Tomorrow is the HSPT exam. I am going to take it. That is right, I, the nonverbal autistic kid, am taking the exam. I feel calm and confident, my mom is a nervous wreck. She has programmed a new Proloquo2Go page, charged a keyboard, has three back-up laptops, and secured healthy snacks.  Over preparing is her love language. #garychapman I know she says she does not care about my score, but I do. I want a scholarship and a good score will get me there. I am calm and excited. Have you ever felt that way? 

Monday, February 22, 2021

Autism as a power to change the world.


Each person with autism comes with a set of challenges that require them to approach the world in a different way. They may need cleaner food, better water, fewer chemicals in their products, open spaces, time in nature, and kinder environments. Imagine a world filled with real food, fewer chemicals, time to be with nature, and gentle vibes. So many improvements for all humans.