Friday, February 26, 2021


 Tomorrow is the HSPT exam. I am going to take it. That is right, I, the nonverbal autistic kid, am taking the exam. I feel calm and confident, my mom is a nervous wreck. She has programmed a new Proloquo2Go page, charged a keyboard, has three back-up laptops, and secured healthy snacks.  Over preparing is her love language. #garychapman I know she says she does not care about my score, but I do. I want a scholarship and a good score will get me there. I am calm and excited. Have you ever felt that way? 

Monday, February 22, 2021

Autism as a power to change the world.


Each person with autism comes with a set of challenges that require them to approach the world in a different way. They may need cleaner food, better water, fewer chemicals in their products, open spaces, time in nature, and kinder environments. Imagine a world filled with real food, fewer chemicals, time to be with nature, and gentle vibes. So many improvements for all humans. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Hello everyone,

l am reporting as a hostage from an undisclosed location. All right, I am only joking, I am another day old in quarantine. All this year has kept me inside and away from the world. I have been using this time to adjust to new routines and medical care. No one could have predicted 2020 would become a year of almost all activities stopping.  Do you feel like this is never going to end? If you do, you are probably anxious and gigantifying. take a deep breath, inhale peace and exhale light. 

The ability to hold  space is indispensable during these times, both for yourself and for others. I am sure every person has a worry about the future, especially after months of global uncertainty,  who will we be after this as  a species? how will we change? I am hopeful for a kinder more caring world. I am wishing for a joyful reunion of souls.  Holding space allows us to share these feelings candidly and transform anxiety to ideas that move us forward.

I hope you are supported and loved during this time, I hope you can find refuge in the space held for you, and I hope you can hold space for others. 

Wishing you peace. 


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Innovations in Education Conference


I am just an eleven year old child on an extraordinary journey through time. 

The journey has placed me in amazing places. This weekend brings a new one of these places to me.  I am in Atlanta, Georgia, peach capital of the U.S.A.  Why? You may ask, because I am attending the Innovations in Education conference.  A two day event dedicated to a new way of viewing and educating Autism.   I started this trip in San Diego.  My mother and I, by ourselves, boarded a plane that took us to Atlanta.  At the airport, we noticed that other letter boarders or their families were attending too.  We boarded the flight and sat behind Brandon an older teenager that like me uses a letter board. 

We had an easy flight with no major events.  Then we landed and the adventure started.  An easy taxi ride turned into a scavenger hunt for the Uber pick-up area. I almost fainted when I saw how far we had to go.  Our first driver was from Nigeria a friendly man who cooks and loves his family.  I enjoyed his stories about all people knowing how to cook in Nigeria.  He was a funny man.  

We arrived at the hotel, a fancy place where many young adults were getting ready to go out; it was a blast.  Then we found our lobby and our room.  I was so happy to get in bed.  Sweet dreams for me. 


First day of the conference.  We woke up with no time to spare.  A minute too late.  We had breakfast at the hotel and then took a taxi to the conference.  

We went straight in with a pit stop to pick up our name badges.  Dr. Edlyn Pena was presenting her story, a wonderful narrative about a mother's love and dedication.  All day, one after another, speakers and self advocates took turns sharing their stories and knowledge.  I enjoyed each one of them.  

At lunch, we sat with another family, an older teenager and his mom.  I got to learn from him and his journey through his mom.  I also go to meet other kids like me and gave them my card.  

In the afternoon there were more talks and advocates all praising inclusion. In the evening I went to dinner with mom to Chipotle and, after a quick stop at the hotel, we went to a dance at Georgia Tech Student Center. To get there we were going to take a taxi but ended up walking.  On our way there we found a snake, it was small and cute.  

At the dance we had a blast my mom and I danced to the music and I had fun with my new friends. All night long I felt grateful for the opportunity to be here.  I took an Uber back and called it a night.  


On Sunday we woke up on time and had breakfast in our room.  How wonderful to have this time with my mom.  We rode to the conference on an Uber, it was raining cats and dogs.   

The day before we lost an iPad.  Today it was sitting on a desk just where we left it.  I always knew it would be ok.  Our community is like family, no one would ever take it, it is someone's voice. 

Morning conferences were beyond inspirational.  It took my breath away to see the road ahead of me and how others have paved it for me. 

I am excited to announce I even made it on a panel:  35 self advocates answering questions, it was an amazing energetic shift in the universe around us. I wanted to stay there forever, on a panel with people who get me.  It was an hour of insight and love.  I almost died when I noticed I was sitting next to Dillan!  There wasn't a dry eye in the house. It was extraordinary. 

Afterwards a talented violinist played a beautiful piece and dedicated a song to the HIRSCH Academy. 

I am so honored to have been a part of it all.  I was elated with Joy. 

I am now on the plane on my way home filled with inspiration and excitement. How many things to process.  How many ideas to create new opportunities.  The sky is the limit for our non-speaking community. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Decibels of Love

I have hyperacusis a condition that makes me particularly sensitive to noise.  I am a life long hyperacustic individual.  In many ways noise is my pleasure and my nemesis.  I wish I could explain it but it is hard to do so when I do not know another way of hearing. 

Am I alone in this?  I know I am not.  I am a friend of many who, like me, benefit from noise cancelling headphones.

I am a successful user of BOSE noise cancelling headphones. I am a clear beneficiary of their technology.  They allow me to participate freely in all of life's noisy glory.  I am not an anti-social person.  I am a social butterfly who must overcome many things to be part of the group.  Some days all it takes is a pair of noise cancelling headphone from BOSE; a magic solution to environmental sound pollution.

I am now a new big brother, my dream has come true; a new baby to share my life and love with.

I still have hyperacusis and babies still cry, but this is a cry I want to be near to.  I want to console him and make him happy not just love him when he is quiet.  Caring for him does not need to imply physical pain for me.  A pair of headphones a squeaky toy and all I experience are decibels of love. 

(This is not an ad, the author received no compensation for writing this, nor was it requested that he write it. He is an authentic BOSE noise cancelling headphones user). 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Open Thank You To Dr. Jenny Palmiotto

Dear Jenny,

I have no words to describe the way in which you have impacted my life and my journey. So many things have turned out amazingly thanks to you.  I am so grateful to you for all the opportunities you have brought to my life.  Your support and your belief in my abilities have made my life easier. I am forever in debt.    A new activist was born the moment you allowed me to take the stage. Each day you bring peace to my life through your company.

I am forever in debt, I am forever grateful.

You believe in the competence of others  and the kindness you share makes the life of those around you a towering falloon of hope and grit.  

The day I took the stage I was nervous and anxious. my body was failing me and I felt out of control.  You gently encouraged me to take the stage and gave me the valor I needed.  You are a light in my path and wind in my sail. Together with my parents you take me  to calm waters.

I am forever in debt and forever grateful. 


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Los Temerarios Tacos - Tacos El Frank

Me gustan mucho los tacos, los prefiero por encima de muchas cosas.  El día que los descubrimos empezó mi romance con la asada.  Tony es el taquero estrella y se caracteriza por su entusiasmo, nunca deja de sonreir. No se como le hace para siempre estar de buen humor.

Este es un lugar al que hay que traer audífonos para cancelar el ruido, los aromas no son muy fuertes.  No hay rejas y se encuentra ubicado en una calle con mucho tráfico, no es algo difícil pedir asada para alguien con alergias.

(Nota Editorial: Los Tacos el Frank se encuentran en la ciudad de Tijuana, México)