Meet Alfonso

     Alfonso Julián Camacho now 17 years old. He is a published author, advocate, and founder of institutions that challenge the status quo in education and open the doors to education for individuals who use AAC.  His tenacious spirit and relentless efforts have driven him to achieve his goals and conquer what others consider impossible.

     He is currently dually enrolled at Colmena Academy, the school he founded, and Southwestern College.  He aspires to continue making a difference in his own life and that of other individuals with disabilities. 

     Alfonso Julián is a unique writer because of his age and talent. He learned to communicate when he was 7 years old and showed that people with non-speaking autism have a lot to say and contribute. Autistic and Awesome is his opera prima where he presents a collection of his personal writings about his experience. Before, he seemed to have nothing to share, now his work shows us a complete, full, and realized human being. Alfonso is now twelve. He lives in Chula Vista, CA with his parents and brother. He continues to write and advocate for non-speaking individuals.    


  1. I want to connect with you. I'm autistic too.
    Anita Lesko


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