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 Alfonso Julián Camacho


    At age twelve, Alfonso Julián became a unique writer because of his age and talent. He learned to communicate when he was 7 years old and showed that people with non-speaking autism have much to say and contribute. Autistic and Awesome is his opera prima, in which he presents a collection of his personal writings about his experience. Before, he seemed to have nothing to share, now his work shows us a complete, full, and realized human being. 

    Today, at 17 years old, Alfonso Julián Camacho is an author, artist, advocate, and journalist. He also uses typed and technology-supported communication. 

    Alfonso Julián’s life has been filled with opportunities to break ground and create new pathways towards social and educational inclusion. 

    Diagnosed with autism at a young age, he conquered communication at age 7 while using an alphabetic stencil and RPM.  Soon, he asked his mother to teach others to communicate just as he did. 

    From his inspiration and desire, BEE (Builders of Eloquence and Engagement, LLC) was born, dedicating its operation to teaching, supporting, and developing the skills of individuals with communication challenges. 

    Alfonso Julián continued dreaming big for himself and others. He wanted a school for himself and others like him. Colmena Academy was born. It is a kindergarten through grade 12 school with inclusion, work, life skills, and robust academic programs. 

    Alfonso Julián published his first book, “Autistic and Awesome,” at the age of twelve. The book features a compendium of his written work from age seven to twelve and his artwork on the cover. 

    When he reached teenage years, Alfonso decided to write about inclusion through his latest project, “Preparing for School.”

    “Preparing for School” is the first book and art collection in a series dedicated to exploring inclusion and friendship. With the support and guidance of Elsa Tamayo Walton, Alfonso worked arduously over two years creating the art and guiding the illustrations created by Ivan Vazquez for his book. “Preparing for School” has been presented and exhibited at CEART Ensenada and will be featured at the Pre-screening of the movie Ezra at the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills. 

    Broadening the reach of his voice, Alfonso Julián is also a journalist for The Sun, Southwestern College’s newspaper. His voice is now giving voice to others.   He has interviewed internationally recognized Klezmer musician Yale Strom and Mrs. Jill Oliver, a non-Jewish Holocaust survivor, authors, and students.  

    Alfonso Julián is currently in High School and College. The San Diego Association of Black Journalists awarded him a scholarship to support his growth and studies as a journalist. 



  1. I want to connect with you. I'm autistic too.
    Anita Lesko


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