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December Nights

Today we had big plans, my family and I were going to December nights.  It is a big event at Balboa Park in San Diego.  We headed over there,  somehow we managed to park in the front row of the zoo.  However,  by the time we parked I was asleep.   Generally,  this would not be an issue; people fall asleep all the time.  For me,  waking up before I am done may trigger a seizure.  When I finally woke up I was ravenous and decided to skip the outing and go home.   The schedule changed to cooking night! I made the best mustard chicken.  It is a simple recipe full of veggies and healthy proteins.  My little brother did make it to Balboa Park.  Here is a cute picture of him tonight.  Yes,  he is adorable.  He says he had fun.   My dish was a mustard chicken.  I want to know if you would like the recipe.  Comment below to let me know.  

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