Preparing for School

Preparing for School
Alfie's AAC Journey

      Alfie is about to embark on a new journey at school.  His teacher guides him as they prepare everything for him, his aide, and his AAC devices to be up and running on day one.  The first of a series of adventures, Alfie shares with us the excitement and anticipation of his first day of school.  

     In Alfonso's first children's book, he takes us through the process of including a student who uses AAC to communicate.  The first in a series, Alfonso hints at what is to come.  

    This book is the culmination of a two-year journey working as a team with Elsa and Ivan to bring to life Alfonso's vision and characters. 

    Here is a peak at the behind-the-scenes work: 

     Elsa and Alfonso working at Colmena Academy to create one of the paintings for Preparing for School. 

Elsa and Alfonso travel to Colmena Academy's Garden where their painting headquarters were set up.

Once all the paintings were finished it was time to assign them a foreground. Elsa and Alfonso worked tirelessly to analyze each painting and associate them with Alfie's emotions. 

 Alfonso, Elsa, and Celina, acting as communication partner, develop the painting analysis at Colmena Academy.

After two years, Alfonso and Elsa see the vision come to life through the added layer of Ivan's illustrations. 

Alfonso, Ivan, and Elsa put together the final storyboard, Preparing for School is ready to be prepared as a first mock-up. 

Ivan's images were printed in clear acetate and carefully organized following the sequence of the story. 

Story board under way, Alfonso, Elsa and Ivan look over each illustration and consider it for each of Alfonso's paintings. 

There is an amazing, caring, and compassionate person who inspired each of the main characters in Preparing for School, Ms. Rose is the magical Ms. Dinusha Perera from Montessori Explorer. 

Elsa and Alfonso focus on each painting, and almost all of them are paired up. 

With backdrops in place, Ivan makes final adjustments to the foreground illustrations. 

We even have a production baby! Elsa's baby was born during the production of Preparing for School. 

Double-checking initial creative comments, backgrounds, and foregrounds, listing every aspect to make sure everything was just right. 

A happy flapping hand photobombs Ivan at work. 

It's done! 

This is what hard work looks like.

Follow this link to the Kindle book:

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