Hello everyone,

l am reporting as a hostage from an undisclosed location. All right, I am only joking, I am another day old in quarantine. All this year has kept me inside and away from the world. I have been using this time to adjust to new routines and medical care. No one could have predicted 2020 would become a year of almost all activities stopping.  Do you feel like this is never going to end? If you do, you are probably anxious and gigantifying. take a deep breath, inhale peace and exhale light. 

The ability to hold  space is indispensable during these times, both for yourself and for others. I am sure every person has a worry about the future, especially after months of global uncertainty,  who will we be after this as  a species? how will we change? I am hopeful for a kinder more caring world. I am wishing for a joyful reunion of souls.  Holding space allows us to share these feelings candidly and transform anxiety to ideas that move us forward.

I hope you are supported and loved during this time, I hope you can find refuge in the space held for you, and I hope you can hold space for others. 

Wishing you peace. 



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